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Resumé Professional Assessment Centre

The Resumé Professional Assessment Centre is a unique service area developed and implemented by The National Job Fair & Training Expo, in partnership with The Career Foundation, to offer job/career seekers with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve their resumé and their career development in two one-on-one sessions on site as follows:

1) Get a FREE resumé critique session
2) Get a FREE career development assessment session

The resumé critique session can be followed by a career development assessment session with a professional career counseller/specialist that will help you bring your career to the next stage.

Instructions to visitors to get a session at the Resumé Professional Assessment Centre (please note that this service will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis):

Step 1: Information Desk

  • Get in line in the area reserved for this activity and wait until you get at the Information Desk.
  • Learn about what you can do and get at the Resumé Professional Assessment Centre from the gatekeeper coordinator.
  • Follow instructions from the coordinator. You will be directed to the next resumé critique specialist available to get your free resumé assessment.
  • Get advise from the career development specialist about your career plans.

Step 2: 10-minute Resumé Critique Session

One-to-one Fast-Track Consultation. Receive tips on how to improve your resumé in:

  • Style & presentation to get attention
  • Structure and content for powerful impact
  • Formatting to show your uniqueness
  • Business and professional image

Step 3: 10-minute Career Development Assessment

One-to-one Preliminary Consultation

  • Identify and plan for the help you still need to get your job search and career on track.
  • Learn about FREE services near your home to assist you to become successfully employed.

Take advantage of professional resumé and careeer specialists for this unique opportunity to learn from the best. Make sure you attend early so that you can be the first to get into the FREE resumé critique and career development sessions. This is your chance to get the right tips for your career and to increase your chances to be hired. This interactive and face-to-face session will help you to succeed in your job search.

A staggering turnout

The Resumé Professional Assessment Centre, an area attached to the Career Services Pavilion, was launched at the 2005 Fall Fair. This unique centre is always very successful and is always improved from one event to the next and job seekers are excited at this very special opportunity.

About The Career Foundation

The Career Foundation offers a wide range of careers and job related programs including: Resource Centres, Assessment Centres, Career Planning, Language Training and Job Placement Projects. Since its inception in 1988, The Career Foundation has steadily expanded its services. Operating out of seven locations, it now serves a flow of over 50 thousand unemployed people each year including many high school students and new immigrants. The Career Foundation is funded by Employment Ontario, the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, Labour Market and Training Division, Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC), the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) and private sector companies.

A long-time exhibitor, The Career Foundation has joined The National Job Fair & Training Expo's family of official partners in 2004. The Career Foundation has not missed a single edition since the 4th edition in 2004.

Communication Skills Workshop Centre - Toastmasters Workshops Schedule

Note: The schedule and the information below is from the 2014 Fall Fair that was held on September 16 and 17, 2014.

The Communication Skills Workshop Centre is presented in partnership with Toastmasters District 60. This is a service centre at The National Job Fair & Training Expo that provides workshops during The National Job Fair & Training Expo. The workshops are held every hour, starting at 11:00 a.m. The last one is at 4:00 p.m. The workshops are for the attendees interested in developing their communication skills whether it is for public speaking, presentations, event hosting, group facilitation or confidence building. These skills can make a huge difference in a job interview so they are definitely great assets for a candidate looking for a job. Many workers will have activities that will require these qualifications in their work environment. Toastmasters District 60 is part of Toastmasters International's family of 89 Districts, serving Canada's Greater Toronto Area and Eastern Ontario.

Toastmasters Workshops Schedule for Tuesday, September 16, 2014

11:00 a.m. Facilitator:
Deborah Austin
Toastmasters District 60

Communicate Your Value: Learn the Fundamentals of Public Speaking

By becoming an authentic communicator and leader, you are empowered to achieve the success that you deserve! Knowing the fundamentals of public speaking will enable you to communicate your value in an interview or networking context.  In this engaging workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of public speaking in order to communicate their value for maximum impact. Participants will learn strategies, tips and techniques to be successful in interviews and knowledge to become overall effective communicators.

12:00 p.m. Facilitator:
Wendy Williamson
Toastmasters District 60

Getting Ready to Launch

In this workshop that targets prospective job seekers, learn the tools and the technology that will increase your chances of obtaining a job interview. Learn how to develop your marketing plan and your work search action campaign. Learn how using the internet, technology and other digital tools can position you for success. Learn how to network effectively by getting organized, developing a strategy and tracking your results.

1:00 p.m.

Ron Tsang
Toastmasters District 60

Connect for Success

Do you want a competitive edge at interviews, networking events, and the workplace? Then you need to be able to deliver a confident first impression and maintain the connection. In this workshop, discover how you can quickly connect for success. Learn how to use your voice and body language to communicate with confidence. Learn to represent yourself with more professionalism and credibility throughout your job search and career journey. Learn techniques to engage and connect with other people, including at interviews, networking sessions, and the workplace.

2:00 p.m.

Michelle Warren
Toastmasters District 60


Your Key Benefit Statement: Your first Step to Career Success!

In an age when we are told that we have to brand ourselves, the task can seem daunting. After all, marketing ourselves can be our most difficult challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to identify and get comfortable with your key benefit statement. This is a critically important step to help ground your marketing and branding efforts. Clarify and add value to your career search endeavours, to position you for the career you both want and need!

3:00 p.m. Facilitator:
Ileana Spilca
Toastmasters District 60

The Hidden Skills All Employers are Looking For in Today’s Job Market

In today’s competitive job market, the candidates that land the jobs are the ones who have mastered a set of essential skills that no one asks for, but which every employer is looking for in their ideal candidate. And these skills are over and above the core skills that are required to do the job effectively. This workshop will show you these essential skills that need to be demonstrated by every successful candidate. Invest 45 minutes of your time in your development and gain a lifetime of expertise that will help you position yourself as the ideal candidate for any job that you apply for.

4:00 p.m. Facilitator:
Philippe Tasci
Toastmasters District 60

Deciding Your Destiny

This workshop will give you the insight, impulse and inspiration to harness your ultimate personal power, The Power of Personal Choice! Uncover the tools that will help you shape your life, creating the desired destiny of your ultimate dreams by making smart and self-empowering decisions.

Toastmasters Workshops Schedule for Wednesday, September 17, 2014

11:00 a.m. Facilitator:
Ted Lyberogiannis
Toastmasters District 60

What They probably Didn’t Teach You in School

This interactive and highly entertaining seminar is targeted at recent college/university graduates who have been relatively successful in school but may be finding that getting a full-time job is challenging.  As a manager in his company, Ted Lyberogiannis has been responsible for hiring many employees and will discuss why grades alone provide limited insight into the potential of an employee. This seminar will discuss some of the differences between being successful in school vs. being successful in landing a job.  A few practical techniques in sounding more professional will be demonstrated and the audience will have the opportunity to practice them.

12:00 p.m. Facilitator:
Mario Rozario
Toastmasters District 60

Facing the Panel Interview and the Subtle Art of Networking

This seminar is targeted at different groups of individuals. Those who are fresh out of college and looking for work and even those who have found themselves redundant in the job market after years of valuable service. Organizations are getting more demanding today in their selection process for individuals due to the large talent pool available out there. This seminar will discuss different ways of handling a challenging panel Interview. We will also cover another important facet of getting a job in today’s market, networking. It is the subtle art of tapping an existing network to put oneself on the radar.

1:00 p.m.

Roman Smolak
Toastmasters District 60


From Impossible to the Inevitable: Achieving Personal Success

Our initial reaction to new, unfamiliar situations is typically fear. To overcome initial resistance, it may require a simple adjustment in your attitude. You can gain more benefits from any opportunity with a purpose driven approach. Attend this workshop to hear of one such approach. Learn how to achieve positive outcomes in public speaking, organizational leadership and even your next job interview.

2:00 p.m.

Sutha Shanmugarajah

Toastmasters District 60

Learn the Skill of Impromptu Speaking to Answer Interview Questions

In this interactive workshop, learn how Toastmasters can help you develop your communication skills, including impromptu speaking.  You will learn what impromptu speaking is and why  it is important with regards to job interviews. In this workshop, there will be a demonstration of impromptu speaking  and attendees will have the opportunity to practice their impromptu speaking skills. Also discussed will be some tools to help attendees improve their impromptu speaking skills for job interviews.

3:00 p.m. Facilitator:
Jeet Tulshi
Toastmasters District 60

Stand on the Chair and Be Noticed! Surefire Networking Strategies to Land You that Next job!

Job search is 75% networking and 25% "other". Why waste time sending resume after resume?  Come and learn proven and practical networking strategies. Whether you are looking for your first job or you next job, you will walk away 6 inches taller from this workshop! Why? Among other things, you will learn what body language is, how important it is, how to use it to ooze confidence in the interview....and yes, why you should literally stand on the chair to stand out. The interviewer has likely already made up his/her mind about you before you have said a word! Not fair? Probably, but you can use effective networking strategies and body language to ensure that you make a solid first impression.

4:00 p.m.

Melinda Astridge
Simcoe Speakers
Club Members
Toastmasters District 60

Other speakers from Simcoe Speakers Club Members for this presentation are:
Joan Williams
Jojit Labuntog

Pauline Hoskins
Geoffrey Chan
Richard Tyrrell

Storytelling for Job Seekers

This workshop will help job seekers answer interview questions using storytelling to build rapport between them and the interviewer. When going for an interview, it’s important to listen carefully for specific info an interviewer may share about the job and the ideal candidate. Credentials are important, but rather than overwhelm the interviewer with what you’ve done, tell them what you can do based on the needs of the company. You want to win the heart and the mind of your interviewer by sharing your stories and get them thinking about hiring you.

The Career Posting Zone

A must-see. Hundreds of jobs, training and career services, and business opportunities from exhibitors on job posting boards for your review.



The Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre allows visitors to browse through exhibitors’ literature. It provides candidates with an opportunity to read exhibitors’ literature to know them better and to get better prepared before stopping at their booth.

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Government of NewFoundland and Labrador- Public Service Commission

"We attended the fair in the fall of 2009. We had antiocipated a fair like others that we have attended and saw this as an opportunity to walk around and meet other exhibitors during slow times. To our surprise, we quickly realized this wasn't just another job fair. We were so busy that my colleague and I did not speak to each other until 3:30 p.m. In addition, we have had a position that has been opened for almost 2 years as we found no qualified applicants in our search. During the first day in attendance, we found TWO qualified applicants! We can safely term our first appearance at The National Job Fair & Training Expo a great success."

Canadian Business College

"Fantastic! Organized with very friendly staff. Large booths make a very comfortable marketing environment... Well done! Keep up the excellent standards!"

The North West Company Ltd

"The North West Company would like to thank-you again for such a successful recruitment fair! It looks as though we have at least 75 candidates we will be contacting as a result of this event for Retail positions in Northern Canada. Our corporate HR team also brought in many resumes for IT positions. Thanks again Daniel for all of your hard work. We are looking forward to our continued relationship and more success in the fall!!!"

Rona Canada

"I wanted to say thank you and I’m very happy RONA Ontario participated this year. Based on the over 200 resumes we received, I’m certain we’ll get some caliber candidates. I also wanted to commend you on your high level of Customer Service you have give RONA over the course of the last few months. Now understanding the magnitude of the job fair, your call back time and service is outstanding, and I look forward to having two booths next year!"


"After many years of involvement in major Trade Shows both in North America and Europe I would like to pass on a note of appreciation for the high level of organization exhibited by Daniel Levesque in the orchestration of The National Job Fair & Training Expo event in Toronto. For those of us who are exhibitors we always live under the constant pressure of our day to day business and often feel somewhat overwhelmed as we prepare for a Trade Show. It was comforting to have every step so well documented with timely reminders arriving as the event drew closer. The stress involved in preparation was greatly alleviated by the guidance provided. Thanks Daniel for the friendly, helpful and professional assistance. "


"You are one of the best Show Managers I have dealt with! This will be my first job fair at The National Job Fair and Training Expo and among all of the conferences etc. I have attended I absolutely love the informative emails. They provide us first-timers (and repeat attendees) to the National Job Fair and Training Expo with a detailed set of prepping guidelines. I'm very excited to be attending."