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Official Show Guide with the Toronto SUN

A show guide has been produced in collaboration with the Toronto SUN since 2003, starting with the 2nd edition of The National Job Fair & Training Expo. The show guide is published as a special section in the Sunday SUN prior to each fair (a few days before the fair's opening day)". The show guide is also handed out to the attendees upon arrival at the Visitors' Admission Desk. The guide showcases useful information, a handy floor plan, a list of exhibitors (at press time) with their booth numbers and insightful stories to help candidates get the most out of their visit of The National Job Fair & Training Expo.

Featured below is a list of show guide front covers made available to the general public over the years from past editions of The National Job Fair & Training Expo.

23rd edition
September 24-25, 2013


22nd edition
April 3-4, 2013


21st edition
October 16-17, 2012

20th edition
April 4-5, 2012

19th edition
September 27-28, 2011

18th edition
April 6-7, 2011

17th edition
October 5-6, 2010

16th edition
March 24-25, 2010

15th edition
September 22-23, 2009

14th edition
March 31-April, 2009

13th edition
September 30-October 1, 2008

12th edition
April 8-9, 2008

11th edition
September 25-26, 2007

10th edition
April 3-4, 2007


9th edition
September 27-28, 2006

8th edition
April 19-20, 2006
6th edition
April 6-7, 2005








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Government of NewFoundland and Labrador- Public Service Commission

"We attended the fair in the fall of 2009. We had antiocipated a fair like others that we have attended and saw this as an opportunity to walk around and meet other exhibitors during slow times. To our surprise, we quickly realized this wasn't just another job fair. We were so busy that my colleague and I did not speak to each other until 3:30 p.m. In addition, we have had a position that has been opened for almost 2 years as we found no qualified applicants in our search. During the first day in attendance, we found TWO qualified applicants! We can safely term our first appearance at The National Job Fair & Training Expo a great success."

Canadian Business College

"Fantastic! Organized with very friendly staff. Large booths make a very comfortable marketing environment... Well done! Keep up the excellent standards!"

The North West Company Ltd

"The North West Company would like to thank-you again for such a successful recruitment fair! It looks as though we have at least 75 candidates we will be contacting as a result of this event for Retail positions in Northern Canada. Our corporate HR team also brought in many resumes for IT positions. Thanks again Daniel for all of your hard work. We are looking forward to our continued relationship and more success in the fall!!!"

Rona Canada

"I wanted to say thank you and I’m very happy RONA Ontario participated this year. Based on the over 200 resumes we received, I’m certain we’ll get some caliber candidates. I also wanted to commend you on your high level of Customer Service you have give RONA over the course of the last few months. Now understanding the magnitude of the job fair, your call back time and service is outstanding, and I look forward to having two booths next year!"


"After many years of involvement in major Trade Shows both in North America and Europe I would like to pass on a note of appreciation for the high level of organization exhibited by Daniel Levesque in the orchestration of The National Job Fair & Training Expo event in Toronto. For those of us who are exhibitors we always live under the constant pressure of our day to day business and often feel somewhat overwhelmed as we prepare for a Trade Show. It was comforting to have every step so well documented with timely reminders arriving as the event drew closer. The stress involved in preparation was greatly alleviated by the guidance provided. Thanks Daniel for the friendly, helpful and professional assistance. "


"You are one of the best Show Managers I have dealt with! This will be my first job fair at The National Job Fair and Training Expo and among all of the conferences etc. I have attended I absolutely love the informative emails. They provide us first-timers (and repeat attendees) to the National Job Fair and Training Expo with a detailed set of prepping guidelines. I'm very excited to be attending."